2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft – Four Rounds

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Round 1 (Picks 1-20):

NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns

1. Cleveland Browns

2016 First Round Pick: Corey Coleman, Baylor (15)

Browns 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

The Browns will need a quarterback, and the assumption at this point will be that they will trade for one.  When and if that happens, mocks everywhere will have a lot of shifting around.

The quarterback landscape in the NFL had sweeping changes this week, including a surprisingly big contract for Glennon, an NBA style salary dump trade with Osweiler, Tyrod Taylor’s contract restructure to stay, and now what looks like Garappolo’s imminent move to Cleveland.  He is young, so there is no reason for the Browns to get a quarterback anywhere early in the draft.  Myles Garrett is a physical specimen, and the Browns look determined to build from the inside out.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers

2. San Francisco 49ers

2016 First Round Picks: DeForest Buckner, Oregon (7) Joshua Garnett, Stanford (28)

49ers 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

Neither the Hoyer or Matt Barkley signings should mean that the 49ers aren’t still looking for their quarterback of the future.  Trubisky fits Shanahan’s offense very well.  This slot, however, is probably the most fluid over the next week or so, as we see how this brand new GM and new coach approach the offseason.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears

3. Chicago Bears

2016 First Round Pick: Leonard Floyd, Georgia (9)

Bears 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

Looks like the Bears have their quarterback for the near future, and have made some nice moves in free agency but have a major hole at safety. Jamal Adams is a leader, is smart, and can play all over the defense.   Jamal Adams is in the mold of the new “super safety” type player that can be the captain of the secondary and help all over the field. He might be the most talented player in the draft, but SS is not a position that normally goes this high.


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

2016 First Round Pick: Jalen Ramsey, Florida State (5)

Jaguars 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Jonathan Allen, Defensive End, Alabama

The Jaguars added Barry Church in free agency, so safety becomes a less pressing need. Calais Campbell is a major addition, and it looks like they want to build a dominant defensive front. Being able to create pressure from inside and outside, and stop the run with the power and speed that Allen has shown are qualities that hold extreme value.


NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans

5. Tennessee Titans (from Rams)

2016 First Round Pick: Jack Conklin, Michigan State (8)

Titans 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

The Titans signed Logan Ryan in free agency, but this pick could still be a cornerback.  A very bad situation is when a team desperately needs corners, and then have to draft one to be their best defensive back.  With this pick they would have a proven veteran, and a talented rookie that has time to grow. The Titans are having a big problem in pass defense, which is a bit covered up because, for a big part of the season, they were putting up a lot of points.  Lattimore is the best cornerback in this draft, and won’t have to be the best corner on the team from day one as he gets accustomed to the NFL game.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets

6. New York Jets

2016 First Round Pick: Darron Lee, Ohio State (20)

Jets 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

Tyrod Taylor was talked about going to the Jets, but that is off the table, and there doesn’t seem to be any more young free agent QB’s left looking for teams… Watson’s finish to his career were game changers for the draft, and NFL teams took notice of how he performed against two outstanding defenses on the biggest stage.  Watson has out of the park intangibles, and has the grounded character that would allow him to endure the New York City market.


NFL Mock Draft - San Diego Chargers

7. Los Angeles Chargers

2016 First Round Pick: Joey Bosa, Ohio State (3)

Chargers 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

After signing Okung to a big deal, offensive tackle is no longer a need, so this is recent change. Solomon Thomas has been moving up draft boards, and his bowl game performance made a lot of scouts go back and watch tape on him. Coupled with second year defensive lineman Joey Bosa, they should be able to get to the quarterback and help get their defense off of the field.


NFL Mock Draft - Carolina Panthers

8. Carolina Panthers

2016 First Round Pick: Vernon Butler, Louisiana Tech (30)

Panthers 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Leonard Fournette showed up at the combine at 240, but ran extremely well. The Panthers like big backs, and Fournette would fit here perfectly. The Panthers have issues in the secondary, but they hope that playing so many rookies last year will give way to a big jump in quality of play entering their second year.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals

9. Cincinnati Bengals

2016 First Round Pick: William Jackson III, Houston (24)

Bengals 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

The Bengals are losing talent at an alarming rate the last two years, and not replenishing. This draft is very important and they will need hits in the early rounds. Williams would give the Bengals a very potent wide receiver combination that should help hide some other weaknesses on their offense.


NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills

10. Buffalo Bills

2016 First Round Pick: Shaq Lawson, Clemson (19)

Bills 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Ryan Ramczyk, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

The Bills need a tackle and a cornerback very much, and sitting at ten they are going to have to consider one or the other and also which would be easier to find in later rounds.  Ramczyk could move in at right tackle from day one.


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints

11. New Orleans Saints

2016 First Round Pick: Sheldon Rankins, Louisville (12)

Saints 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Jabrill Peppers, Strong Safety, Michigan

Without question the most unbalanced team in football, the Saints are desperate to improve their defense. Getting back Rankins next year will be a boost, but they need help all over. In the NFL, he could be a star at safety, especially if he can focus on one position. 


NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns

12. Cleveland Browns (from Eagles)

2016 First Round Pick: Corey Coleman, Baylor (15)

Browns 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

The talk on Malik Hooker is that he might be the best overall safety in the draft, comparable to Ed Reed. It will be a fascinating year to watch how the moneyball guys in Cleveland approach building this team. Depending on what happens with a possible Browns trade for a QB, this trade is very much in flux.


NFL Mock Draft - Arizona Cardinals

13. Arizona Cardinals

2016 First Round Pick: Robert Nkemdiche, Mississippi (29) 

Cardinals 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Cardinals are loaded with talent, and statistically are pretty good all around. They just keep losing games they probably should be winning. One weakness is at inside linebacker, and getting an Alabama-coached player like Foster would benefit that defense.


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings)

2016 First Round Pick: Carson Wentz, North Dakota State (2)

Eagles 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Florida State

Wentz has been sporadic, but he is a rookie that got thrust into the starting role after the trade of Bradford, and has the talent and proper mental make up. They could really use some help in the run game, and Dalvin Cook provides that, and will catch a lot of passes and be an outlet for Wentz.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts

15. Indianapolis Colts

2016 First Round Pick: Ryan Kelly, Alabama (18) 

Colts 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Obi Melifonwu, Free Safety, Connecticut

The Colts are playing exciting, shoot-out football, but they would prefer they wouldn’t have to play this way. Their defense simply lacks talent and depth. It would be expected that they will simply identify the best defensive player that fits their system and pull the trigger, and in this case, they will get lucky. Melifonwu blew up the Combine, validating the buzz he has been building.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

16. Baltimore Ravens

2016 First Round Pick: Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame (6)

Ravens 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Haason Reddick, Outside Linebacker, Temple

Linebacker was not that glaring of a need until their all-pro linebacker retired.  A wide receiver will be needed, but with the spread offenses in college, they are easier and easier to find later in the draft.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins

17. Washington Redskins

2016 First Round Pick: Josh Doctson, TCU (22)

Redskins 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Takkarist McKinley, Defensive End (OLB), UCLA

The Redskins have an effective passing game, and have enough creativity with their scheme to maintain an average run game with limited talent. They could be tempted to go for one of the top running backs available, but improving the defense must be a priority in the offseason.  


NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans18. Tennessee Titans

2016 First Round Pick: Jack Conklin, Michigan State (8)

Titans 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

The Titans pick again, and this time they go with their alpha or “X” receiver. Corey Davis is still recovering from an ankle injury, so this is a player to watch. Corey Davis is a gifted player that could help bring more pop to the passing game.


NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2016 First Round Pick: Vernon Hargreaves III, Florida (11)

Buccaneers 2017 Mock Draft Selection: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

The addition of Baker will bolster the interior of the defensive line, but they still need another edge rusher. The Buccaneers are a young and talented team that are starting to come together offensively and defensively. It is starting to look like they might need some offensive line help, but what they really could use is a boost to their pass rush game.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos

20. Denver Broncos

2016 First Round Pick: Paxton Lynch, Memphis (26)

Broncos 2017 Mock Draft Selection: O.J. Howard, Tight End, Alabama

The Broncos play-action offense, along with the fact they have young QB’s, would greatly benefit from a talented, pass-catching tight end. Actually, having two would be ideal as they would have safe outlets, and could operate in a lot of 12 personnel, opening up holes for the running game.  It will be interesting to see if there are any major changes in the offense next year under a new head coach. O.J. Howard is the top tight end in the draft, and is rising quickly.

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